Should we Arm Teachers?

Arming Teachers Whether or not to allow teachers to carry concealed firearms is a huge topic for discussion across America. This is a good discussion, and one that definitely needs to be had. President Trump is listening and he wants to hear the American people’s thoughts and concerns regarding teachers carrying firearms, or having armed... Continue Reading →

Confederate Corners

Confederate Corners: Local City Works to Change Street Name Local city in Monterey County California has approved a proposal to change the name of an intersection. Confederate Corners located in Salinas, California might be undergoing a name change.     Most Salinas residents know the intersection as Hitchcock and Highway 68, not Confederate Corners. The... Continue Reading →

Words Don’t Hurt, Wound, or Kill

Words don’t hurt, wound or kill says motivational speaker Brooks Gibbs. He calls this generation “hypersensitive emotional marshmallows.” The idea of words hurting and wounding are all half truths that are taught to us as children. Brooks added that we are “emotionally fragile” if we go through life believing these half truths. Gibbs talks about... Continue Reading →

Should We Scrap History from America??

A pastor in Chicago is urging the Mayor to remove a George Washington statue and rename the park… because he’s mad that Washington owned slaves. In turn, attempting to scrap history in America. While we are tearing down statues of our first US President, we should also tear down the James K. Polk monument that resides in North... Continue Reading →

Is Colion Noir the NRA’s “Token”? 

Colion Noir is a strong advocate for our Second Amendment. For most people the fact that Noir is an African American means nothing, because really he’s just another person standing up for our gun rights. Twitter user @OtherTomJones decided that Noir was the NRA’s ‘token black guy’. Noir fired back by asking: “Why does my... Continue Reading →

Brutally Honest Horrors of Planned Parenthood

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic manager went on Tucker Carlson to discuss the horrors of Planned Parenthood. Johnson mentioned the sick humor that goes on between co-workers. She gave the following example: “the security code on our alarm was 2229 because that spelled out ‘baby.’ And they [supervising staff] thought that was just... Continue Reading →

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