Blame White Women


Blame White Women

Yesterday the New York Daily News put out an article calling for the people of America to “blame white women for the country’s failure to shatter the glass ceiling.”  (  After months and months of hearing the left talk all about how women are going to rise above, because of Hillary Clinton the glass ceiling will be shattered.  Now they want to blame women? How does that make sense? This article makes it clear that they are not talking about all women, just white, college educated women.  Over 50% of white women voted for President-elect Donald Trump.  The New York Daily News says that Trump has a “demonstrated lack of respect for women.”  This is odd, considering if you look at who is behind Trump and his campaign you see strong women such as Kellyanne Conway, Melania Trump, and Ivanka Trump.  How people on the left can actually say that Trump does not respect women baffles me.  According to Washington Times, (not to mention the other far left news sites) Hillary Clinton pays the women who work for her and her foundation .72 cents for every one dollar paid to men.  But of course no one wants to talk about that. (

The rest of this article goes on to say this exact sentence: “Well, who’s at home raising the next generation of racists? Who’s changing the diapers of the nation’s future bigots? Just sayin’. There are some good ol’ girls in America, too.” Hmm, after preaching for months that women deserve equality, and working so hard to get us out of the kitchen, by New York Daily News publishing that sentence, they just stuck every single woman right back in the kitchen and “raising the next generation of racists.” The article ends with “who are you going to blame now?”

Well, for one thing, it’s articles like this that are part of the reason Donald Trump was elected.  

There are three things that could have been done if you really wanted Hillary Clinton in the White House.  Democrats had an extremely low voter turn out, that is not the fault of “college educated white women.” The other thing Democrat’s could have done better would be to campaign harder, Hillary Clinton did not have a message, her own team was unsure of the message she was trying to get across. Donald Trump was elected because America wants change, he has a very clear message, and good policies. Lastly, the Democratic party should have run a better candidate, not a lying criminal. He did not win because he is a white male, nor did Hillary lose because she is a female.  Gender had absolutely nothing to do with this election, it is the left that screamed gender at everybody. Obama even said that men who vote for Trump are sexist.  This is very untrue.  I am surrounded by men who voted for Trump and who share the same values as a true Republican, they, we are not sexist.

Do not place blame on white women, because Hillary Clinton did not win the White House.  



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  1. Great article. It amazes me how they have to blame someone for their loss. First they blamed white men, now white women. Next it will be Hispanics and blacks that turned their backs on the democratic party. Ridiculous. It would be like a coach with a poor team blaming the competition. The democrats had a poor candidate with a ton of baggage. A lot of people’s votes were more against her. There was too much at stake for those with conservative or even moderate values to allow her in the White House. Case in point, if the democrats continue to slip down this progressive slope they will alienate a large amount of moderates and independents. With such a large divide in our country, it is that population that will win a race.
    Also to cry out how the country rejected a woman president is a crock! I will be happy to vote for a woman for president, but Hillary was not the one.

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