Dear Rioters 

Dear Rioters, Yes that is what you are, rioters. You are no longer protesters, when you cause harm to people, light things on fire, and shut down freeways and bridges, you are rioters. From the wise words of Mr. Bill O’Reilly, “just because something offends you, doesn’t give you the right to hurt and destroy.” What exactly do you think you are going to accomplish by burning down structures, and blocking traffic? What is the end goal in this situation? Hillary Clinton is not going to head on over to the White House because there are people screaming in the streets. That’s foolish.

Beating people up in the streets, and burning down buildings is no way to get what you want. Frankly, if you wanted a better outcome, you should have gone to the voting stations and done your civic duty. Which, again is one of the reasons why Trump won. The voter turnout for Hillary was drastically low compared to Obama’s voter turnout in 2012. In 2008, Obama received 69,498,516 votes and in 2012 he received 65,915,795 votes, slightly lower than the previous run. Whereas in 2016 Hillary Clinton only got 59,814,018 votes. ( That is a drastic six million vote difference.

Imagine for one second if this situation were to be flipped. If Hillary Clinton won the White House, and Trump supporters were rioting and behaving the way these people are, imagine what awful things would be said about us. As we have said before, we will proceed to the White House with class and grace. Sure, if we had lost we would be upset, of course. But I find it more than hard to believe that we as conservatives would be burning down the American flag, beating people up with whom we disagree, and lighting things on fire. This behavior only drives the country to be more and more divided. We have to come together now. The rioters can have their pity parties, but eventually they will have to accept the fact that Donald J. Trump is their new president. In the meantime the Republican party should forget about all of these lachrymose rioters and focus on the fact that we have control of Washington, and we will change America.

Standing out on the streets yelling and hurting other people will not fix the fact that there was an extremely low voter turnout compared to previous elections.

Colleges that are cancelling classes and having the option to take midterms is childish. What kind of message does this send to our youth? That when we don’t get what we want we cry and complain about it, knowing nothing will change? This cannot be what we are teaching the younger generation. We can’t teach people that violence is the way to make your point, or violence is the way to change an outcome. It is one thing to stand up for you believe in, that is everyone’s right, however the way you behave will have consequences. Causing harm to people, property, and in some cases animals, that is simply not how you show what you are passionate about.



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