The Problems with Gun Control

Many people believe that guns should be completely banned; that they impose more bad than good. This is simply false. Guns are meant to protect citizens, and their civil liberties! Banning them would be beyond absurd. Without them, what is to keep Americans safe from everything evil? Knives and pepper spray may not be quick enough. This is where a gun comes in – to provide safety, security, and peace of mind to its owner at a moment’s notice. Almost like a guard dog, guns act as a security system to keep the owner safe. Banning guns has a high probability of harming you or your loved ones. This is why:

Guns are used for protection. Many responsible people use their guns to protect their loved ones and belongings from others who threaten their livelihood. For many families, a gun can mean the difference between life and death; the guardian angel. It is there during times of need and can protect people. If someone walks into your house, holding a gun to someone and making a demand, will you have enough time to grab a knife and get close enough? No, you will not. This is why guns are needed. They respond fast in the face of danger.

Banning guns will not get rid of guns. Just as banning drugs doesn’t keep drug users from obtaining them, banning guns will not keep criminals from obtaining them. There will always be ways around the law. When law abiding citizens are stripped of their gun rights, it is open season for criminals. They are like wolves in a forest of defenseless bunnies – free to attack, fearing no repercussions. When they see many rabbits huddled together, weak and vulnerable like bait, they will almost certainly attack.

It is a constitutional right. When the government strips citizens of their right to protect themselves and their loved ones, they are no longer a democracy; rather, a tyranny. The military cannot immediately be at your house if there is an invader, and you simply cannot wait for the arrival of law enforcement sometimes. Seconds can mean life or death. So why should the government take this away? The country was founded on the base of freedom, and one of those freedoms should be the freedom to defend yourself and those around you.

Gun abusers are typically not licensed. Many of the murderers who wield guns are not licensed. In fact, they usually illegally purchase their guns or steal them. When guns are taken away from law abiding purchasers, there is no dent made in the criminal system. These criminals will keep illegally obtaining guns; banning them will make no difference since they did not bother to become licensed in the first place.

However, the reasoning behind gun control isn’t all that crazy. The supporters of banning the sale of guns just want to protect their family and the ones around them, much like law abiding gun owners. These people just have a different approach, however. They believe that stripping guns from others is the correct way to combat crime. The logic behind this seems simple: no guns,no gun-related crime! However, the flaw with this simple logic is just that- it’s simple. As previously discussed, there are many other factors that go with guns. Placing a law on them will not simply make them disappear. Think about the consequences of banning guns or leaving the law as it…what will you choose?



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