The Safe Space Generation

The Safe Space Generation

When most people hear those words, an image comes to mind. For some people, it is not a good image.  It seems that millennials right now are growing up to be, well children again.  This generation is also known as “The Me Generation.”  I have noticed that most millennials think that the entire universe revolves around them, all of their little special snowflake feelings need to be validated, and probably the most horrific one, that if you cry about something you’ll get attention, or they tend to think that crying and whining will get them what they wanted.  None of these are true, the world doesn’t revolve around you, there is a way to say what you’re feeling without complaining, and nobody cares that you are crying.  We are adults in this generation, why aren’t we behaving in an adult manner?!

This is most prevalent to the recent riots going on around the United States.  People are in the streets screaming that our President-elect Trump, is “Not My President.” Well, that simply is not true, he is your president, being as how he is the “President of the United States of America” which yes, includes you.

Colleges that are holding “cry-ins” are laughable, college’s cancelling classes, or cancelling tests, well now that is just foolish. Specific clubs where you can pet puppies, and talk about how upset you are about the election and cry, these are also known as Safe Spaces.  These “Safe Spaces” are a dangerous thing, what is this teaching the next generation to come? Or the “kids” of the millennial generation. Let’s look at the generations before ours, I wish that we could be like the career climbing baby boomer generation.  They were taken seriously, they didn’t whine and behave like children when something didn’t go their way.  Or if we were to go back even further and take a look at the GI Generation.  The generation who fought in WWII, those people did not have safe spaces, they knew what they wanted to achieve and they did everything in their power to get it.

Teaching people that if they do not get their way they are supposed to cry about it, instead of behaving like an adult is terrifying.  That is called a temper tantrum, and that is what babies do. This is teaching the youth that when they don’t get their way, if they scream and shout they will get attention. But what happens when that stops working? What happens when someone goes to apply for a job, and then does not get it? Is the answer to behave like a child and kick and fight about it? Of course not! The answer would be to work harder, life is about working and working hard to achieve what you want out of life.

This generation feels that they are so entitled, and that everyone deserves a prize for doing nothing. Unfortunately this is not how life works, WAKE UP people, you don’t deserve a prize or a trophy for losing. Why does this generation thinks that Hillary Clinton “deserved” to be president, and that she “deserves” this and that because she lost, you know because she is a woman. Stop it, that is nonsense, Hillary Clinton does not “deserve” anything, what she needed was a wake up call, and by the looks of it she called and Trump answered.  

What I can’t quite grasp is where did all of this start? Was it the new and quickly growing technology, or maybe the idea that this generation was given everything they ever wanted, and never had to work for anything? The sad thing about this generation is we are not all like everything I just mentioned.  Some of us actually do work hard, and are not entitled.  In the big kid world there are no safe places, there are no cry-ins, and there is certainly not any trophies for doing nothing.

We, as millennials have to work together to stop this. If we had the power to start this in the first place, I have no doubt that we can end it.  We need to end this generation of babies, we simply cannot afford to go through life crying over every little thing. How is anyone going to take us seriously? It is sad to be apart of this safe space generation. We don’t need things like that, we don’t need safe spaces, and cancelled tests, what we need is to grow up. Real life has no safe spaces.



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