Love Trumps Hate: Liberal Hypocrisy Front & Center

Love Trumps Hate: Liberal Hypocrisy Front & Center

The phrase “Love Trumps Hate” was first uttered by Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention, on July 28th, 2016 when she accepted the democratic nomination for President of the US.  However, that phrase has now turned into something more sinister, and truthfully that phrase has become the main target when discussing liberal hypocrisies.  

The people saying “Love Trumps Hate” are the same people rioting in the streets, burning the American flag, and rallying against law enforcement across the country.  The people using this phrase are also the same people that pulled an older gentleman out of his car, beat and robbed him. ( These people did not even know the man voted for Trump, (he did) they simply assumed by the color of his skin. How can people use this phrase while simultaneously harming another human being simply for disagreeing?  

People chanting “Love Trumps Hate” hold up signs saying “Rape Melania.”  How the left, and the mainstream media can be so deeply offended by something Trump said eleven years ago, yet not mention a word when people are holding up signs wanting to “Rape Melania” in 2016. (

This coming from the same party that believed everything that was said about Trump from the liberal media. This includes all of the women that came forward and claimed Trump had raped them, which all turned out to be completely false allegations.  This is interesting considering that the many women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault have been publicly shamed, smeared and silenced by Hillary Clinton.  She has called these women bimbos, trailer trash, and  “narcissistic looney tune” [Monica Lewinsky]. (

Remember when Michelle Obama said that Trump’s words had her shaken to the core?  Or that she said his words were “shocking and demeaning” towards women, and that this comes from a long history of demeaning women? ( This coming from the same woman whose husband said this statement “Beyoncé could not be a better role model for my girls because she carries herself with such class and poise and has so much talent.”   The idea that people actually believe Beyoncé is a role model for women and young girls is quite scary.  She is no role model, having the ability to sing is one thing, but when most of your songs are filled with swear words, and the amount of times she talks about sex in a demeaning way not only about herself but other women as well. Role models do not act and behave the way Beyoncé does. If young ladies are having trouble finding a real role model to look up to here are some suggestions: Lady Diana, one of the most graceful people to ever walk the earth, Ivanka Trump, a hard working business woman whose love for her father and her country never falters, Audrey Hepburn, who after having worked on the silver screen dedicated the rest of her life to philanthropic work as the ambassador for UNICEF. Kate Middelton, often dubbed the “princess of the people”. I really could go on and on and find a thousand other women to take Beyoncé’s place as “role model.”

Hillary Clinton, the first person to use such a phrase, saying that the KKK supporting Trump is terrible, (it is) and yet she happily accepts a whopping $20K from them. The Klan had also said that “For the KKK, Clinton is our choice.” (

Meanwhile no one wants to discuss this fact, the media has been all over Trump in discussing that he is okay with the support from the KKK, while in fact, he is most definitely not okay. As said by Trump himself, “I don’t want them [KKK support]  and I don’t want them to say it.” He also says he does not like any group that is bonded through hate, he even goes on to say that he has rejected the support from KKK Grand Wizard, David Duke.  ( Or how about Hillary Clinton saying that Robert Byrd was a close personal friend of the Clinton’s and that he even mentored her. (

This “Love Trumps Hate” and Hillary supporting mother, told her child to leave their house, after she found out he had voted for Trump in a mock election held at school. The mother can be seen screaming at her child, and even telling him that she has packed his suitcase. (  That really does emulate “Love Trumps Hate” doesn’t it?

Nothing says “Love Trumps Hate” like a young highschool girl getting beaten up on school grounds for openly showing support for Trump on Instagram. (

How people still cannot see the liberal hypocrisies that are happening right now is simply unfathomable.  



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