I cannot believe the utter lack of respect the President-elect has for the mainstream media.  How dare he not tell the press that he was going to dinner with his family.  That is truly horrific, and should be the highlight of all news stories across the globe. I mean come on, who would do such a thing? Disgraceful.

JUST KIDDING, get over yourself and grab your safety pins.  The mainstream media had an absolute fit yesterday when Trump decided that he was going to have a nice steak dinner (he actually had a burger, turns out the media got it wrong, it was a burger not steak.)  with his family.  The mainstream media was literally having a meltdown when they discovered that Trump “ditched his press pool” for dinner.  How are the people supposed to know what President-elect Trump is doing at all times?… Oh wait, that’s right we do know what he is doing at all times, why? Well because the media showed up!! They act as if Trump suddenly decided to drop off the face of the earth without alerting anybody.  All he wanted to do was have dinner with his family, instead of with CNN, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC.  The media headlines that came out of this utter catastrophe are priceless.  ABC saying that Trump has “broken with protocol by leaving his Trump Tower residence without taking along his press contingent.” Even going as far as to say that this shows a “lack of transparency.” ( According to USA Today, WHCA called his behavior “unacceptable.” (

However, this clearly does not show a lack of transparency, because the media still magically found a way to appear inside the restaurant, hence the photos of Trump and his family… eating dinner.  Who knew eating dinner without alerting the world would become the new Watergate.

Funny, because I don’t recall the media having a hissy fit when actual disasters were happening and Obama was where?  Oh yeah, that’s right Obama was playing golf at Martha’s Vineyard. ( Or when Bill Clinton ditched his secret service to fly on the Lolita Express, over a dozen times. (

Funny how the left says what Trump did is against “protocol” but when someone from their team does it, it’s no big deal.  But no media bias there.






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