Flag Burning

Flag Burning 

The conversation of flag burning has come up time and time again. This time however, the left is freaking out because President-elect Trump said we should revoke the citizenship of those who are caught burning the flag. While I don’t completely agree with Trump, I do think there should be a punishment for burning the American flag. If I owned a business and I received a picture of one of my employees disrespecting the American flag, that person would no longer work for my company.  Same goes for all those rioters who are destroying property and igniting cities.

It’s interesting when the left screams that burning the Quran is a hate crime, and therefore punishable. But burning our own flag? Nah. No problem there right? Wrong.

Our military is fighting so hard for what that flag represents, freedom.  You burning the American flag is a disgrace to the men and women who are fighting right now to keep you safe, and free.

If a woman is caught burning the Quran in Islam, that is a crime punishable by death. Yet the left acts as as though the mere mention of revoking citizenry for people who burn the American flag is just the same as killing them. Instead of whining about how horrible Trump is, you people should be happy we will have a president who actually loves his country, and the people in it.

On Wednesday night’s The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly visited Fort Hood where she spoke to two survivors of the Fort Hood terrorist attack. Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford who was shot 7 times, and former Fort Hood police officer Kimberly Munly, she exchanged fire with the terrorist twice and was shot 3 times, one shot going through both legs, almost killing her. Megyn asked them how they felt about flag burning, Munly could not have looked more disgusted and saddened. With tears in her eyes and a shaking voice she said  “disgusting, it’s completely disgusting. Our youth is so disconnected, and it’s sick and it’s insane how anyone can disturb or disrupt, terrorize the American flag. That is the reason why we are standing here today. So to all them… grow up, because they don’t know what suffering is like.” (https://youtu.be/E5XZhh44rlc)  
Now those are some  pretty powerful words, words that are spoken by a true hero.

If you can’t respect a the flag that represents the country you’re lucky enough to be free in, maybe you shouldn’t be here. It’s super easy to become a Canadian citizen, if you have thousands of dollars in the bank, and you’ve got ten years to spare. Or try Mexico? Where if you break even the smallest laws you’ll be thrown into a really nice 5 star prison! I hear they are actually quite fancy. Well fancy than our jails which just coddle criminals and let them out early with simple wrist slaps.

All people are asking is that you show some respect. Fly the flag proudly, don’t burn it, thank servicemen and women, you never know how much those two words mean to someone who has fought so hard and who are willing to give their lives for our country.

On behalf of our blog we would like to personally thank all men and women who are of service, past, present and the future men and women, we salute you.




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