Trump’s Anti-women Cabinet

NYT says Trump Cabinet is Anti-women:

The New York Times has put out another poorly written article talking all about how Trump’s cabinet is anti-women. Which is funny, considering he has already appointed quite a fair amount of women to his administration. But sure, that means nothing to The New York Times. So let me take you on a journey through the article. 

The beginning of the article appears to be unhappy with Senator Jeff Sessions, who Trump has named attorney general, because him along with Rep. Price who was named the secretary of health and human services, voted against the bill that would allow women to sue for unequal pay. This is a ludicrous bill to begin with, if you don’t have the same amount of education or experience, you won’t get paid as much. That’s life, buck up buttercups. Next they move onto being upset at Ms. Chao, who is the transportation secretary (look he hired a woman to be in his cabinet, still sexist right?) because she voted against raising the minimum wage. Again, lame. If minimum wage is raised to $15, company’s are not going to hire as many employees because they won’t be able to afford it. But again, this is the left we are talking about. 

Then of course we have to talk about the rest of the women Trump has hired for his administration who are against abortion. Oh my, a conservative woman is against abortion? I’m shocked. Water is wet people, nothing new there. So NYT is upset with the education secretary, Betsy DeVos, the UN ambassador Nikki Haley, and then Ms. Chao. All of these women oppose abortion, so that must clearly invalidate that they are women… in the cabinet…right? Then a few of the above mentioned men voted for abortion restrictions which got everyone in a snit as well. Again, the aforementioned men all voted no for having employers provide health care plans that included contraception, this is a conservative value, and a no vote citing religious liberty. 

Anyways the article goes on and on ripping the people of the administration for having *gasp* republican values. 

How anyone can say Trump’s cabinet is anti-women, while he hired quite a lot of them for high power positions is unfathomable. 

Feel free to read the rest of the poorly written article for yourself: 



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