Kellyanne Fights Back Against Feminists

Kellyanne Fights Back Against Feminists
This has gotten so out of hand. Kellyanne Conway, the first female to EVER successfully run a presidential campaign is now being attacked. She managed to anger a ton of feminists simply by saying that she would politely decline a high powered position in the Trump Administration. She has four kids, two 12 year olds, an eight and a seven year old, so by her saying that she would decline a White House position because she wants to focus on her children, has the feminists going absolutely insane. The mom-shaming of Kellyanne has got to stop. Lindsey Stanberry, a writer for Refinery29 attacked Kellyanne saying “It’s totally fine if Conway wants to make her children her top priority right now. . . . But it seems as if Conway doesn’t think that any mother should be working in the White House.’’ ( Okaaaaay, where did that mornoic statement even come from? That is not even remotely similar to what Kellyanne actually said. People saying that she is “playing the woman card” is absurd. Hillary Clinton spent her entire campaign talking about making history by electing the first female president, vote for her because of her anatomy, and all her garbage about “the glass ceiling”. Kellyanne is the one who broke the glass ceiling, like I said before, she is the first woman EVER to run a successful campaign, but that means nothing to these crazy feminists, why? Because she is a conservative. If this was someone on the left talking about not taking a high powered position, they would be praised and praised for making a choice. Something Kellyanne actually touched on on Fox Business, saying this: “I thought that women were a product of their choices and that’s what I’m trying to do here privately and quietly find the best balance for my family,” feminists have spent their lives ranting about how women should have choices, and Kellyanne makes a choice (that is not even definitive yet) and she is patronized relentlessly for it. It truly is sad that she is a mother who is being judged for her political views, rather than the idea that she actually wants to spend time with her four young children. Kellyanne also said this: “I would just note to you that some people who have attacked me are moms, but a lot of women who have attacked me are either childless interns born in the 1990s or 2000s, or I’ve noticed women who have cats as their Twitter pictures. I’m not going to lose my mind over people attacking me in 140 characters. I’ll assure you that.” (

Today the hashtag “#catsjudgingkellyanne” emerged, along with thousands upon thousands of feminists whose main goal is to support equality, choices, and boosting other women up, who instead decided to say horrible things about Kellyanne’s parental choices, making up things like Trump says “no women in my White House”. ( That doesn’t sound like boosting a woman up, that looks a lot like tearing someone down for having a difference of opinions. It’s disgusting really. Kellyanne has made it clear that she will not in any way back down from this idiotic fight, brought upon by the left. Grow up people, she may have had a point about this whole ‘crazy cat lady feminist’ epidemic that’s sweeping the nation.



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