CA Gives The OK to Child Prostitution, Weed, & $10.50/Hour

CA Rings in New Year with Senseless Laws 

Isn’t it funny how a lot of the big wig gun control advocates often either carry a gun on their person, or are guarded with armed personnel? Take Dianne Feinstein for example, she used to carry a gun, but now she just has other people to protect her instead. Rosie O’Donnell, who actually said this sentence “…I don’t care if you think it’s your right…” Hmmm, being as how Rosie O’Donnell has a body guard that follows her everywhere she goes, whom by the way is armed, I’m calling pot and kettle on that one. ( With all of that being said, California has introduced yet another gun law, you are now recquired to be background checked to purchase ammunition. Yes, you heard that correctly, even though you may already own a permit to carry, you still have to do another background check. CA also tightened it’s laws about gun sharing or lending. Here is a general list of all the new fancy and cool ways CA makes it’s citizens sitting ducks. Assembly Bill (AB) 1674, this puts a limit to how many guns a Californian can purchase in a month. AB 1511, now makes it so you cannot share or lend your gun with a friend/family, without that friend/family having gone through a background check too. To read more about the gun bills, click the link. (

In other news, CA legalized weed, but yet the state raised the tax on cigarettes by $2… you know for health reasons. Right, because weed, which literally makes you behave differently, hence the term “high” is a-okay, but cigarettes, no no no. CA makes no sense, whatsoever. Cigarettes don’t hinder your decision making, your response to things, or how you behave in general, like weed does. CA also made it so if there is a one stall bathroom, it has to be gender neutral. So, that’s gross. But wait! It gets better. California also made child prostitution legal. Which puts kids in danger, but hey it’s CA, so nothing new there. What Senate Bill 1322 does is bar law enforcement from arresting minors who are engaging, soliciting, or loitering with the intent of prostitution. 

The law pretty much made the exploitation of children, and sex trafficking legal. To read further detail about this absurd law, here is a link. (

You can now earn $10.50 an hour, which is insane. How is anyone supposed to work hard and want to push themselves so they can maybe get a raise for all their good work? This generation of safety pin safe spacers is very annoying, we will go down as the me me me and participation award generation. Where you get over $10 for not doing much. By 2020, the wage will be $15/hour which is ludacris. On a lighter note, beauty salons can now offer free beer and wine, as long as it’s served before 10:00pm. ( )

So, to recap: you can pimp out your 15 year old little sister, weed is legal, but the tax for a cigarette has gone up… you know, for health reasons. Minimum wage has risen, which means no one has to work hard for anything… remember it’s a minimum wage, it’s not a living wage. Oh and we can’t forget that your bathroom could be invaded by men who want to play dress up and throw on a skirt and play pretend. But on the bright side you can drink while getting your hair done. 



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