Lacy Clay & Racist Artwork

Lacy Clay & Racist Artwork 
Democratic Representative Lacy Clay keeps hanging up this awful painting that depicts law enforcement officers as pigs. The painting was done by an African American 18-year-old high school student who won some art contest, and the painting is terribly offensive. The painting appears to be set in Ferguson Missouri, during the riots when criminal Michael Brown was shot. This wretched piece of “art” has signs that say “Stop Killing” and “Racism Kills”. There is also a black man who is being crucified in the foreground of the painting. See anything wrong with this? If you’re a liberal, you probably think the painting is beautiful. However if you’re a conservative, have any ties to law enforcement, or you just have respect for the law and our officers, than chances are, you hate this “work of art” as well. 

Rep. Clay is clearly just being a big baby because a few Republican members of the House, keep removing the painting for obvious reasons. Not to mention that, the House is not just Clay’s. He doesn’t own it, it’s shared, and more importantly, it’s the people’s House. Republican representative Duncan Hunter (CA), has asked repeatedly for the painting not to be hung back on the walls of the Capitol. Rep. Hunter has also removed the painting himself and placed it back in the office of Rep. Clay. Rep. Hunter has even asked House Speaker, Paul Ryan (WI) to get involved, the painting is currently being looked at and may or may not be hung back up in the Capitol. Safety Pinner Clay really is just trying to make a scene, he has asked Capitol Police to press theft charges against Mr. Hunter… only he never stole anything, he simply removed the painting and placed it in Clay’s office. Clay said “The African-American community has had a painful tortured history with law enforcement in this country,” okay so that makes it alright for some high school kid to make an overtly racist painting, and that makes it alright for Clay to put the painting inside the Capitol? Let’s flip the script, if a white 18-year-old high schooler painted a picture portraying the horrendous murders of the five Dallas police officers who were killed by an African American man, the left would have an absolute tantrum. Mr. Clay must really hate law enforcement if he feels the right to hang such an awful painting. Right? While he claims to support the police, his actions speak otherwise. Hanging such a disgusting painting like that makes it pretty clear to everyone around you that you hate the police, and agree with the morons who are saying all cops are racist. (

To think that a member of the Capitol actually has the nerve to not only hang this painting, but continuing to re-hang the painting is just plain distasteful. Our law enforcement officers are here to protect and to serve the people of their community, they are heros. Mr. Clay’s blatant antipathy over the subject at hand speaks volumes of his overall character. 

It’s a shame that our law enforcement heroes have to see and hear about things like this. They are not the enemy, in any of this. The hanging of this unsightly painting is why the country seems to be at war with the police. By no means does the act of hanging a painting like this help anyone with the war on our law enforcement. Shame on you Mr. Clay. Shame. 
*On behalf of our page, we would like to personally thank all of the law enforcement officers around the country who risk their lives everyday to protect and serve their people. 

*Update it has been reported that someone put a Thin Blue Line Flag above Clay’s racist image. (



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