Women’s March on Washington 

Boxed Wine Moms Cry for Help
The Women’s March on Washington is set to take place the day after Mr. Trump’s inauguration… neat. The women in charge of the march say they “want to greet Trump’s presidency by making a statement.” Well, I wouldn’t so much call it a statement, so much as a bunch of boxed wine moms, who think they will make a difference by walking around DC being nuisances, and trying to stir up trouble. People have also said that this march is a symbol of unity. How? We as a country, should ALL be unified and accept this transition of power. These loons also are talking about how “women’s rights are human rights”… wait when did Trump say anything about revoking women’s rights? I don’t recall, I must have missed that speech. Last time I checked, the female babies all you pro-choicers are killing, yeah they would have grown up to become women…with rights. (http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/16/politics/womens-march-on-washington-need-to-know/) Unfortunatey you killed them before they even had a chance. So that’s just one big giant paradox for you. 

The women in charge of this event claim that anyone is invited, however that’s not exactly true. It appears as though those who are pro-life are not invited… Interesting, I thought anyone and everyone was invited? I suppose women and men who believe in the Second Amendment, a traditional marriage, and think that taking a life before it has a chance to do anything, and letting thousands of illegals into our country unvetted, well we just aren’t invited. Former congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave spoke out and said that she believes this whole march is really just in opposition of Mr. Trump. “I think, quite frankly, that this march primarily is opposing president-elect Trump because of his pro-life commitments …” (http://www.christianpost.com/news/pro-life-not-invited-womens-march-on-washington-172534/#hIg7bfZB0dCFWMwo.99) It’s really quite sad that an entire organization based upon women standing together, only includes those who agree, those with differing opinions, need not apply. 

The other issue at hand, is there seems to be some women who are upset that this march was originally organized by white women. (Here we go again! More identity politics and playing the race card! Yay!) A black female activist said “You don’t just get to join because now you’re too scared, too, [sic]I was born scared.” on a Facebook posting. (Can we stop with this whole ‘woe is me’?) One white woman said she was leaving the march because comments like those, deter women. Jennifer Willis, responded with “Why [sic] is it about ‘White women don’t understand black women’?[sic]”” Other comments that were made included telling white women that they needed to “check their privilege”. Really, someone actually told another person that they basically needed to apologize for being white. (http://nytlive.nytimes.com/womenintheworld/2017/01/10/womens-march-on-washington-provokes-heated-debate-on-class-and-privilege/

From what started as a march to throw liberal ideology in everyone’s faces, has now turned into a hissy cat fight, because you can only be a feminist if you go along with what every other feminist crys about. 

While you people are all slap-fighting each other, the normal people will be cheering for our new president. Have fun everybody.


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