Liberal Tears, Muslim Ban, & Protesters

Liberal Tears, Muslim Ban, & Protesters

Can we just take one minute to think about Chuck Schumer and his fake liberal tears? Did anyone else look at that and think that ‘ye old Chuckie needed a better acting coach? I mean come on, Chuck, who are you fooling? Well, besides the left, they will believe anything. 

Anyways let’s get to Trump and this “Muslim Ban”: First off, this is in no way a “ban”. It’s a moratorium, which is a temporary prohibition of activity. Last I checked, extending the vetting process out by 90 days, isn’t exactly a ‘ban.” This Executive Order (EO) is only for seven countries that harbor and support terrorists, (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen). What the left seems to forget is that these countries already had strict travel rules in place… Yeah, Obama is the one who did that first. So, before you dems get yourself all riled up, why don’t you actually read some real news. Back in 2015, former President Obama signed a law that put limited restrictions on people who had visited Sudan, Syria, Iran and Iraq. In early 2016, former President Obama then added Somalia, Yemen, and Libya to his list. I’m confused as to why the left is freaking out, when former President Obama literally did the same exact thing. To read exactly what former President Obama did, click the link. (Disclaimer- it’s from CNN, it’s very biased.) ( For everyone crying and saying that this “ban” (again, not a ban.) is going to make groups like ISIS hate us more… and we care about this why? ISIS hates America, and Americans, and all things red white and blue, I don’t care that this may make ISIS hate us more. 

The left really should love “bans” and enhanced background checks. They certainly love to ban guns, and run background checks on law-abiding gun owners (pot meet kettle). Or what about that 16 Muslim majority countries, don’t allow Jews to enter… based on their religion (again, pot meet kettle). 

Next on the discussion list is these protesters at the airport. Did they ever stop to think about everyone they inconvenienced by protesting?? Of course not, they are liberals they only care about themselves. Protesters were heard shouting “No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here.” Okay, so I have another idea. Why don’t we start an “adopt-a-refugee” program. Lefties can invite them into their homes, unvetted, and they can pay for them, and have them in their homes and feed them. I would pay to see Sen. Cory Booker, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer allow random strangers into their homes. The fact that some airports had to close terminals because there were a bunch of crying millennials chanting meaningless words, is saddening. Thanks to you morons, many people had missed their flights. Also, just as a side note- being as how most people don’t have to go through security in order to get their luggage at the baggage claim… yeah that leaves everyone to be sitting ducks, just waiting for a criminal with an illegal weapon to come in and wreak havoc. Good job, guys! (

Last topic of discussion, it appears as though the democrats don’t really want to do their jobs anymore, so really they should be docked in pay. Why should they be paid to sit and cry, instead of getting actual work done? Or I have a better idea, how about every day the democrats decide they just aren’t going to do their jobs, Trump extends the Muslim moratorium by one week? Then they can take the blame for all of this nonsense. Life does not care that you do not like the president, you morons still have to do your jobs (and they still wonder why they lost).

PS- In no way shape or form does America have to accept anyone. Even if people do come here legally and do that whole thing, we still do not have to allow them access to our country. It’s a privilege to come to America, not a right. 



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