Betsy DeVos-Why America’s Educational System Needs Her

Betsy DeVos-Why America’s Educational System Needs Her
Betsy DeVos, has been confirmed into the Trump Administration, by way of Vice President Mike Pence voting in favor of DeVos, thus breaking the 50/50 tie. Now, sad little Chuckie Schumer is upset and calling Trump’s cabinet “rigged.” Hahaha, that’s funny… now who’s complaining about a “rigged” system?? The ever so peachy Democratic Senator Al Franken, had these lovely words to share about DeVos: “It’s not a job for amateurs who don’t know the first thing about education, I voted against the nomination of Betsy DeVos, a billionaire Republican donor, because she is the most incompetent Cabinet-level nominee I have ever seen.” ( That’s rich coming from a do-nothing senator who hasn’t gotten any of his bills passed, let us know when you succeed in passing those bills. Your track record isn’t so hot, dude. ( Oh, and did Franken somehow forget that he had to pay back $70,000 in back taxes?? Yeah, that spanned across seventeen states and dated all the way back to 2003… so let’s not talk about what Betsy DeVos is doing with her money. ( Elections have consequences, maybe your party should have put up a better presidential candidate. 

It is still unclear why the belligerent left hates Betsy DeVos as much as they do. Is it because she is anti-union, or because she donates lots of money to Christian and charter schools? (how dare she, how dare she spend her money where she wants to spend it, she’s evil.) I really do not see an issue. DeVos believes in school choice… which is allowing parents to send their child to the *gasp* school of their choice. What a concept! The irony is clearly lost upon the left, I thought they were all about being able to choose things? I mean, aren’t they the ones in the streets screaming about a woman’s right to choose to abort her baby? Hmm… You think they’d love school choice. It really doesn’t make any sense, shouldn’t parents be allowed to choose the school they think best fits their child? Why is it that children are forced into certain districts where the school’s test scores are well below average? Those schools should be competing with each other to see who has the highest test scores. It is clear that DeVos just wants children to all get the education that they deserve. Which does not include being forced to go to a failing school. Betsy DeVos is exactly what our education system needs. In October of 2015, the National Assessment of Educational Progress showed that there was almost no progress in math and reading for students, this was the first time since around 1995 that the scores had dropped so low. 


Democrats also take issue with the fact that they think DeVos doesn’t have a lot of “political experience.” Really now, remember that disaster of a man that was our President for the last 8 years? I do believe he was a junior senator… with not much experience. It seems that Democrats are having another go at petty politics, and political theatre. Just because DeVos was quietly working in the background, at least she was actually accomplishing things and working to better the education for all students in America. 

The left loves the Government and loves it when it’s involved in everything. So long as it’s what agrees with them and it’s what they want. Democrats tell everyone to get out of their bedrooms, and that they have the choice to do whatever they want… while simultaneously wanting the Government to be involved in the educational system, which forces students into failing schools, and forces teachers to teach based on a list of standards that the Government thinks each kid show know grade by grade. 

Get bent, Liberals. Little ‘ol Chuckie better break out the tissues, Betsy DeVos is in, and Jeff Sessions is on deck. (Please stand by for more scenes from political theatre, and Tears of Chuckie)



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