Not My President Day

Not My President Day: Actually Trump is, in fact, your President, Hillary is not.

This has to be one of the funniest protests I’ve seen so far. The fact that these loons are actually saying “Not My President” on President’s Day is fantastic. Do they not see the irony in that? Trump is their President. He’s every single American citizen’s president. We will say it together, Trump is your President! (Come on we are almost there!) Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are reallllllly not your president. There ya go, look at that! Glad we all came to the same conclusion. 

Unless you live in a country other than America, President Trump is most definitely your president. We are sorry not sorry if that hurts your feelings and you need a puppy, a coloring book and a safety pin. Buckle up Buttercups because this day was just too funny. Watching all the liberals cry and cry about how Trump is not their president… Haha, well actually safe spacers he is. Protesters carried signs that said “No Ban, No Wall” okay, it’s not a damn ban you imbeciles, it’s a moratorium, get a dictionary for crying out loud. Someone said “We’ll keep doing this [protesting/resisting] as long as we have to.” A few people also said that they are concerned for where our country is going and that Trump’s policies are “downright offensive.”. (Grow. The. Hell. Up. Quit. Whining.) ( Well keep on protesting, like children, you aren’t doing anything other than proving your ignorance. Someone explain to me how halting the speed in which refugee’s enter our country offensive? (Again, grow up.) 

Protesters in Los Angeles yelled “Love not hate, makes America great”, that’s rich coming from the very same people who beat up Trump supporters in the streets, hold up signs that say “Rape Melania”, the very same people who burn the American flag and so greatly disrespect our law enforcement. Yeah, because all of that screams “love.” The left only uses the word “love” when it fits their narrative, when it’s convenient for them” 

Due to the fact that these protestors only care about themselves, a handful of them were arrested in Oregon after they would not stop blocking traffic, even after being asked to clear the streets multiple times. (

I would like to point out that this is the same thing as the pointless Women’s March… you did absolutely nothing. It’s amusing really, I enjoy watching protesters freak out and cry and complain about things that are not going to change. I have one solution for the Left: Build a bridge over all the Liberal tears you’re drowning in, and get the hell over it. I can draw you a picture if you’d like, for those of you that learn through pictures rather than actual words. 

*See below for pictures of some hilarious posters and dumb lefties doing what they do best: BEING DUMB. 



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