Anti-Trump Protest Holds Muslim Call to Prayer

Anti-Trump Protest Holds Muslim Call to Prayer: Meanwhile the Left freaks out when Melania says the Lord’s Prayer. Ohhhhkay. 
Over the weekend there was an Anti-Trump protest that was held in New York. The protest was called the “I am Muslim, Too” protest. This was obviously to protest President Trump’s temporary Muslim moratorium. That’s fine whatever, you babies are never going to stop protesting. However, the one thing that struck a nerve with the Right was when the Muslim call to prayer was blasted through loud speakers throughout New York City… Seriously? They get away with having an actual call to prayer and chanting “Allahu Akbar” but one conservative mentions God and suddenly our entire party is nothing but a bunch of Bible thumpers? Interesting. Did these people forget that “Allahu Akbar” was what the hijackers of 9/11 screamed as they crashed airplanes into the Twin Towers, killing over 3,000 innocent people????? The protest also featured people once again comparing President Trump to Hitler… which I will ask again, when did President Trump annihilate 11 million innocent people, 6 of those 11 million innocent people were Jewish.

Heaven forbid anyone talks about God. One mention of the Lord and the left goes wild. Look at what happened on Saturday at the Trump rally in Florida. First Lady Melania opened the rally with the Lord’s Prayer and the left immediately started saying separation of church and state, and the church should stay out of government. Okay, last time I checked Melania in no way shape or form is a government employee, nor were any “government decisions” being made while she was saying the Lord’s Prayer. 

Linda Sarsour was of course speaking at this event. For those who may have forgotten Linda is one of the women who started the Women’s March nonsense, and she is a very open supporter of Sharia Law… because that makes sense. Not to mention she met with a former Hamas operative, but surely she is the face of women’s rights. 




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