Lacy Clay STILL Attached to Cops as Pigs Painting 

Lacy Clay Is STILL Attached to Racist Art

I really thought we were done discussing this loser of a human being. Remember Democratic Rep Lacy (racist) Clay? He is still fighting because he wants that painting that was gifted to him to be able to hang in the People’s House… Right, the painting that depicts cops as pigs shooting black people in Ferguson… alright. 

Rep. Clay is filing a federal lawsuit (seriously? Do you have nothing better to do?) against the Architect of the Capitol because they removed the racist painting. (Of course this is all pro bono, because we wouldn’t want Clay to have to work too hard, right?) Clay is saying that this violates his First Amendment rights, while I am totally for freedom of speech, being blatantly racist and fighting to hang an ugly piece of art is just poor behavior. Clay is clearly showing his disdain for law enforcement. Coming from the side that wants to remove “God” from everything, you’d think he would understand the people’s disgust for him and his attachment to the racist painting. The Architect of the Capitol said that the painting was in violation of House Office Building Commission rules, which does not allow for sensationalist or contemporary political artwork. The left seems to have an issue with following rules. Weeks ago we had Pocahontas not following rules, and now we have Racist Clay thinking he is above the law as well. (I’m not really shocked, is anyone else?) 

Being as how Clay is an elected official, it’s not his House. It’s the People’s House. If the people don’t want this racist painting hung in their house, then it should not be hung. If Clay has an issue he should take that up with the people, being as how it’s the people in his district who are paying for the damn House in the first place!! I really don’t get it, the left loves to remove things… why won’t he just take down his offensive painting? 
*On behalf of our page, we would like to personally thank all of the law enforcement officers around the country who risk their lives everyday to protect and serve their people. 


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