Day Without A Woman

Today a bunch of boxed wine moms decided to protest!! Hooray, is anyone really shocked?? 

Thousands of women around the country simply didn’t show up to work today, in honor of “Day Without a Woman.” 

Women complain about unequal pay and yet they decided to take a day without pay so they could stand in the middle of the street? Yeah, I’m sure you really showed them!! That literally defeats the whole purpose of your argument. My question is, do any of these women have actual jobs to “walk out” of?? Schools in four different states were closed in order for the teachers to participate in this lame day. You’ve got to be kidding. Who exactly are these teachers punishing? I can guarantee you President Trump doesn’t care that a bunch of moronic teachers didn’t show up to do their job… Unfortunately, this “strike” is punishing the kids who missed a day of education so their idiot teachers could stand outside with posters. Ohhhkay. 

So while those silly teachers didn’t feel like teaching, there were some whiney women who were arrested in New York City outside a Trump Hotel. They were arrested for disorderly conduct, after being told to leave. Do you think they serve boxed wine in the police station? Again, I still don’t see the point in marching and yelling… what are you actually getting accomplished? Feminists fight all day for equal pay and yet they don’t show up for work?! Seriously, where is the logic behind that? 

Of course today was a YUGE day for social media: D-list celebrity Samantha Bee took to Twitter writing “The Trump WH is so feminist, EVERY day is Day Without a Woman.” Okay, is she really that ignorant? If there are no women in Trumps White House somebody should alert Kellyanne Conway, Nikki Haley, Betsy DeVos, Elaine Chao, and Linda McMahon, ASAP. There were a few hashtags going around some of which were #InternationalWomensDay which was a drippy thread of how horrible Trump is and how women have no rights, What rights do women not have????) and #SheInspiresMe which consisted of a frillion and one tweets about how fantastic Hillary is, and how inspiring she is, and how disappointed all women should be because we didn’t break that stupid glass ceiling. I mean if your role model is a lying, murderous, snake then by all means, Hillary is the girl for you. However, for those of us women who like to hang out in reality (you know the women that actually showed up for work) Hillary is faaaar from a role model. If you were to open up a dictionary to the word “Uninspiring” there’d be a giant picture of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Kellyanne Conway inspires me, Dana Loesch inspires me, Laura Ingraham inspires me, not people like Hillary Clinton. 

I think it’s hard for the Left to leave La-La-Land and hang out in reality, where we have real role models. Role models that don’t include the likes of Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, the Jenner sisters, or any of the Kardashians. People like Princess Diana, who worked with HIV/AIDS individuals, she worked to clear landmines left over from wars, and she donated thousands of dollars to cancer research. Audrey Hepburn, she was appointed UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador, and spent the greater years of her life helping children from all around the world. Saint Teresa of Calcutta, who dedicated her life to helping the poor people of India, she has said that she chose to “serve the poorest of the poor and to live among them and like them.” Even strong women like Carryn Owens, widow of SEAL Ryan Owens who died fighting for our country. Those women are REAL role models. Not women who get up on stage, sing about how rich they are, and shake their ass everyday. The women of the Left should sit and think about real women and real role models before deciding to be ignorant, and say nasty things just for the sake of saying nasty things.


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