Gorsuch Hearing-Why the Left Hates Gorsuch

Why does the Left loathe Neil Gorsuch?

Today is the first day of the confirmation hearing for Neil Gorsuch, our next Supreme Court Justice. The Left could not hate this man more, which means he must be doing something correct. If the Left is weeping and gnashing their teeth, it’s usually because they simply disagree with you. I can’t quite figure out what the actual problem the Left is having with Gorsuch? They act as though we are tipping the balance of power in favor of the Right… which isn’t happening. All that happened was we replaced a Conservative Justice (Antonin Scalia) with *hold your applause* another Conservative. Wow, would ya look at that, what a concept, replacing one Conservative with another. The only way that the balance of power would be tipped in our favor is if Ruth Bader-Ginsburg steps down, otherwise this doesn’t tip the scale in anyone’s favor. Why is that concept so hard to grasp for some people??? Also, it appears as though the Left would like to play political theatre and petty politics once again. Little Chuckie Schumer voted for Gorsuch back in 2006. Haha oops, didn’t think that would resurface did ya Chuckie? Back in 2006, President Bush nominated Gorsuch for the US Court of Appeals… he was confirmed with a 95-0 vote. This included Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, and yes, even Former President Barack Obama voted to confirm Gorsuch. Did they think the Right would forget about that?

The NY Times said that the Dems are troubled by Gorsuch’s past records which they say were decided “by a cold and literal reading of the law” right, again, Gorsuch is a Conservative and about that he’s a Constitutionalist… which means he follows the Law of the Land how it is written, he doesn’t change it to fit his views or his narratives. For a full play by play of today’s events click here to read the NY Times’ piece: (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/20/us/politics/judge-gorsuch-supreme-court-confirmation-hearings.html

Just for laughs I’d like to add that Al Franken (D-MN) looked like a fool today at the hearing when he said this: “Justice Scalia embraced a rigid view of our Constitution, a view blind to the equal dignity of LGBT people, and hostile to women’s reproductive rights, and a view that often refused to acknowledge the lingering animus in laws and policies that perpetuate the racial divide. Judge Gorsuch, while no one can dispute the late Justice Scalia’s love of the Constitution, the document he revered looks very different from the one that I have sworn to support and defend.” Woah, wait a second… is Franken looking at a different Constitution than the rest of us?? Last time I checked… there’s only one Constitution and it’s pretty clear about what it says, does the Left have their own Constitution that can only be seen by such ignorant and close-minded individuals? Aaaaaaand let’s not forget that Franken owed thousands and thousands of dollars in back taxes, the Right cares about Franken’s opinion becaaaaause? That was rhetorical, we don’t care. Who invited him to this party anyways? 
Whether the Dems like it or not, Gorsuch will be confirmed. So good luck Lefties, there are no Safe Spaces in the Supreme Court. Gorsuch ended his opening statements by saying “I will do all in my power, to be a faithful servant of the Constitution and laws of this great nation.” I’m sure the left will find something to whine about over that statement. 



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