Gorsuch & The Nuclear Option 

Are Democrats just trying to get even with Republicans for not allowing a confirmation hearing nominating Merrick Garland?

All you safe-spacers are trying to “get even” because your precious Merrick Garland didn’t get nominated for SC Justice. Have Trump build a bridge and walk your sad sacked selves over it. Democratic house leaders reached a majority today, thereby blocking Gorsuch’s vote, and pushing his confirmation to a later date. Most notably people like Diane Feinstein (D-CA), said she opposes Gorsuch as the SC Justice nominee. Even though she voted for his confirmation to the US Court of Appeals in 2006… hmm how weird.

I don’t see why Dems are fussing over Gorsuch. President Trump is simply replacing a Constitutionalist (Justice Scalia) with another Constitutionalist, it’s not like Gorsuch magically tips the scale towards the Right. Come on people, do you need me to draw you a picture so you can understand??

Merrick Garland was barely even qualified to be a SC Justice compared to Gorsuch. Garland is extremely cozy with Former President Obama and the Clintons… aren’t they all. Anyone claiming Garland is a “moderate” must have a completely different definition for the term “moderate.” Garland is in no way moderate… towards anything! He hates the Second Amendment, and agrees with partial-term abortion. Certainly, stripping citizens of their natural born right to defend themselves, and killing babies just screams “moderate” doesn’t it? Back in 2007, Garland supported the DC gun ban… there he showed his support for terminating 2A Rights. Going back even further, in 2000, Garland was part of a 2-1 vote in favor of keeping gun purchase records… which the Right came back and basically said yeah no, you can’t really do that because that’s a gun registry and that goes against the Gun Control Act of 1968. But Garland is totally moderate.
Why are Dems really picking this battle to fight? The Nuclear option is what will come next anyways, and the Right will change the rules and lower the confirmation threshold – thus confirming Gorsuch. Why don’t you save your tears and methods for blocking for something that really gets you in a snit, instead of using this block to get back at Republicans. 

Just as a side note since the Left is touchy about the Nuclear Option… Harry Reid (D-NV) used the Nuclear Option in 2013, to lower the confirmation threshold for lower court judges. Neil Gorsuch will in fact be the new SC Justice, you should just make it easier on yourselves and give it a rest already. 




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