Handel Beats Ossoff in GA Special Election 

Republican Woman Beats Democratic Man in GA Special Election 

Hey Democrats, how are your protests and whining working out for ya? 

I will never get tired of seeing the Democrats react to something they lost. Last night Republican Karen Handel beat Democrat Jon Ossoff in a Georgia special election for a House seat. The Left is acting semi surprised that this happened… but the Georgia district that Handel won has been Republican for four years now, did the Left really think they’d steal this House seat? 

With Handel in the House, Conservatives can rest easy because Handel wants to get to work on the terribly rewritten Retain & Rename healthcare bill that the Right hastily put out. Democrats should probably figure out a new strategy if they want to win anything ever again. 

Let’s talk some more about how sad the Left is right now. On the Crying News Network, Don Lemon showed Ossoff’s loser speech, and as soon as Handel came on (remember the person THAT WON) he cut away from her speech. Neat, you wonder why American’s hate the media. But WAIT, I thought the Left loved women????? Why are they so mad at Karen Handel and the Right… is it because they can’t cry “sexist?” We all know that if the roles had been reversed and a Republican male beat a Democratic female, the Left would be screaming about how sexist the Right is. The Left even said this election was going to be a referendum on the President and on the Right… hmm how’d that work for you?? 

We must give credit where it’s due, the losing side did fight very hard (kind of) for this seat… ah but sadly (not really) they LOST, again. Lots of people donated to the Ossoff campaign making this House race the most expensive House seat ever. As the New York Times put it “So a party sorely demoralized in November is demoralized yet again…” Poor guys. 

PS- Kellyanne Conway tweeted “laughing my #ossoff”, which just riled up the Left even more. 


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