Trump’s “Bizarre Moment”

Ohhhhhhhhh my Lord, guys (whoops didn’t mean to assume anyone’s gender), I am actually eye rolling into another dimension right now. 
Trump complimented a female reporter by telling her she had a “nice smile” and now he is “creepy” and “condescending.” I mean, what’s new really, everything our President says the Left thinks that he is a creep. Apparently the President is no longer allowed to say nice things. CNN had an all female panel where of course they just had to discuss this super huge gigantically important news story. The fact that this is even a story just shows how DESPERATE the Crying News Network really is.

 Here’s the backstory, Trump was on the phone with the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar and he made a comment about all the “beautiful Irish press” in the room with him. He then called over Caitríona Perry an Irish reporter, and complimented her smile. (For the record, she does indeed have a nice smile.) Which clearly must be against the law, or wait, could this be an obstruction of justice, or maybe the Left can tie his comment back to all their Russian conspiracy theories. The Irish reporter promptly took to Twitter to discuss the “bizarre moment” as she called it. 

The women on the CNN panel just couldn’t wait to get on the Trump bashing train. One panelist in particular, Symone Sanders, the former Press Secretary for ye old socialist, Bernie Sanders, said that she would describe Trump’s comment as how he “…always acts [this way] when there are women in the room. It was condescending. It was just creepy.” I’m not sure “creepy” is really the term I would use for this “bizarre moment” albeit an odd place and time to compliment someone, being as how Trump was on the phone, however none of what he said was creepy… nor was any of it condescending. Sanders later questioned why Trump called on a reporter who “just happen to be aesthetically pleasing” she also added this stunner of a comment, “It’s just absolutely disgusting.” Ohhhkay Sanders, take it easy there girl. Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist and political commentator had a more reasonable response to Trump’s comment. She started off by making it clear that she has “so many issues” with our President, adding in all his “lying ways, than the fact he ogles at women…” However, despite Navarro’s first criticisms, she also said that Trump is a man who ran beauty pageants, even going as far as to say that “he likes women. This is the way he acts.” Now, would ya look at that, a nice decent response. Look everyone!! Even people who don’t like Trump are capable of calling BS on this news story. The CNN host then wanted to hear from Nan Hayworth, former Republican congresswoman, and current member of Trump’s Advisory Board, she didn’t have too much to say about Trump’s comments either. Hayworth mentioned Trump is quite a charmer, and that he is “the kind of guy who will notice when someone has a lovely smile.” She also said that she didn’t think there was a lot of harm in his comment. In other words, again this story is so laaaaaame. The CNN host clearly didn’t like the two Republican women’s comments, so crazy lady Sanders got the last word saying “Never forget the President grabbed vaginas, and he talked about it afterwards,” This actually made me LOL, like come on, is that all you had to say? That was the only argument you could think of. Lord help us all. 
It’s like anything Trump ever says gets turned around into something so hate filled. I swear, he could say the sky is blue and has white clouds in it and the Left (mostly the third wave feminists) would say that Trump is being racist because he said the clouds were white or better yet, Trump is being sexist because the sky is blue and that’s a boy color, so Trump must hate women… There’s some Liberal Logic for all of you. 



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