Women’s March Against the NRA. 

Look! The Women’s March is back at it again. Here they go, targeting women whose political ideologies don’t align with theirs. You don’t have to be a feminist just because you’re a female. I repeat you don’t have to be a feminist.
Lest we forget, one of the founders of the Women’s March is a chick who advocates for Sharia-Law. You know, the laws that allow the beatings and rape of women? That certainly sounds feminist-y to me. NOT.

This lame march will be held in front of the NRA Headquarters on July 14th. Yippee, sign me up. This march is in protest of the NRA’s new ad that features Dana Loesch. Might I just say, feminists HATE Dana. Why you ask? Because Dana speaks the truth, and calls the Left out for all their nonsense.

The NRA ad wasn’t calling people to arm themselves and act violently towards the Left… rather calling the Left out for their violent behavior. Come on guys, the Left doesn’t like when they have to look into a mirror, and that’s exactly what Dana made them do.

A Facebook group for the march reads “We know that we are not safe. But we will not be intimidated” Yeah, because these boxed wine moms are great at being silent.

Your marches don’t intimidate us. When I say we, I mean the 265 million gun owners in America. Not to mention the 2.3 million instances of annual defensive gun use. That sounds like quite a lot of “gun-clingers” if you ask me.

This evening on Tucker Carlson Tonight Dana discussed this Anti-NRA March. Which, I can hardly call a “women’s march” since the people in the march HATE women who don’t agree with them.
Dana noted that groups like the Women’s March, are not for all women. Dana said “they don’t like women who want to be empowered to use the Second Amendment to defend themselves.”

One of the marchers requested an apology from Dana and the NRA… to which Dana pretty much said, keep dreaming. She even went so far as to call these women “fake feminists.”

I couldn’t agree more. These are not women standing up for women. These are hateful, women who spread vitriolic lies about other women.

I’m not really sure why people have it out for the NRA… is it because they want people, women mainly to remain victims? Are they afraid if women are armed, their victimizing narrative disappears?

Take a look at Kimberly Corban and Kristi McMains, both are not victims but survivors. Kristi saved her own life by using a firearm. Kimberly wishes she had that opportunity. Now Kimberly is one of the strongest advocates for our Second Amendment.
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