Terrorist Receives $8 Million Dollar Payout from Canada

Terrorist Omar Khadr just got $8 million USD, from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. Khadr is upset because he was allegedly mistreated at Guantanamo Bay. Khadr will also be getting an apology from the Canadian government for his “mistreatment.”
Khadr and his family are buddy buddy with Al-Qaeda. His father was a financier for the September 11, 2001, attacks against innocent Americans.
Back in 2002, Khadr, a Canadian citizen, killed US Army Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer. Speer was a combat medic, which makes his death a war crime. Yes, there are crimes of war and there are rules when having a war. 
Justin Trudeau is a weak scrap of a man. He has no backbone, nothing. While I understand that this terrorist was a Canadian citizen who does have rights, in my opinion when you decide to murder an American medic your rights should very well be revoked.

Continue reading this article here: http://www.turningpoint.news/terrorist-receives-8-million-dollar-payout-canada/

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