Should We Scrap History from America??

A pastor in Chicago is urging the Mayor to remove a George Washington statue and rename the park… because he’s mad that Washington owned slaves. In turn, attempting to scrap history in America.

While we are tearing down statues of our first US President, we should also tear down the James K. Polk monument that resides in North Carolina. Polk was the 11th US President who, by the way, was a democrat slave owner.

I suppose we can’t use the $20 bill as a form of payment either. Andrew Jackson is on the $20 bill. Andrew Jackson, leader of the New Democratic party, also owned slaves. So this pastor, and anyone who agrees with him, shouldn’t use that form of money anymore.

I guess we should follow what Vice said and blow up Mount Rushmore too. Let’s just remove the men who FOUNDED our country. This is getting so out of control and if this is how the Left wants to roll, I think we should just get rid of everything. Every single monument, statue, memorial, everything. Gone, poof, like it never even happened. Since clearly no one wants to remember history anyways, might as well get rid of it all together, right? No, not right. This is not how we, as Americans, do things.

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