Words Don’t Hurt, Wound, or Kill

Words don’t hurt, wound or kill says motivational speaker Brooks Gibbs. He calls this generation “hypersensitive emotional marshmallows.” The idea of words hurting and wounding are all half truths that are taught to us as children. Brooks added that we are “emotionally fragile” if we go through life believing these half truths.

Gibbs talks about  teachers, parents, and other familial influences teaching that words simply do not have to hurt you. He makes a good point by saying that words are only given power to hurt if a person lets those words hurt. Gibbs mentions the “victimization mentality”, in his speech. This type of mentality is what happens when people go through life expecting everyone to be kind. By expecting that, they are really setting themselves up for failure. That is how you end up with a bunch of snowflakes.

To continue reading this article head to this link: http://www.turningpoint.news/words-dont-hurt-wound-kill/


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