Confederate Corners

Confederate Corners: Local City Works to Change Street Name
Local city in Monterey County California has approved a proposal to change the name of an intersection. Confederate Corners located in Salinas, California might be undergoing a name change.


Most Salinas residents know the intersection as Hitchcock and Highway 68, not Confederate Corners. The only reason people now know the intersections real name is because “Confederate Corners” shows up on digital maps.
Twenty eight year old, Aaron Alvero is the man who started this whole conversation. He goes to Stanford University and says he is “very unhappy” that the intersection is named after the Confederacy.
The Californian reported Alvero saying “As I got older, I started thinking about Salinas as this place in California. The farms, the bigger picture, It made me uncomfortable that there was this thing called ‘Confederate Corners’ in Salinas.”
As someone born and raised in Monterey County, I call shenanigans on that statement. Confederate Corners has been the name of the intersection for decades. Had the Left refrained from tearing down Confederate statues, and complaining about ESPN news anchors, no one would care about this.

The motion has been approved and will go to the Monterey County board of supervisors, all because one pansy felt the name was politically incorrect. Monterey County Supervisor, Luis Alejo wants to rename the intersection to Campesino Corners instead. This is to honor farmworkers, rather than the confederacy.
This conversation has sparked controversy among Salinas residents. Many are saying that by rename the intersection, we are “trying to get rid of history.” I agree with that. We cannot go through life, changing names and tearing down statues, that’s our American history. Get over it, people.
Alvero claims it’s not about erasing history, instead it’s about honoring the Salinas Valley, and the farmworkers. Alvero asked Alejo who liked the idea of changing the name.
In an opinion piece written by Salinas resident, John Meeks, he says it would be politically incorrect to rename Confederate Corners to Campesino Corners. Meeks mentioned that by doing this, it would be losing sight of the history of Salinas Valley.
Meeks also talks about the history of the city, saying that the Valley was a cattle raising town.

“If we look at the issue from the labor perspective it was the Chinese, Japanese and Filipinos who first tended and harvested “our” crops. Later in the 1920s, the “Okies” migrated to California and the Salinas Valley to take on many of those tasks, working in the fields and the packing sheds. The Bracero labor force didn’t arrive until 1942.”
There really is no point to renaming the intersection. John Meeks is accurate when he says it would be politically incorrect to do so.
I pose this question to everyone; when do we draw the line? When does renaming streets and tearing down monuments switch from trying be politically correct, to down right erasing history?

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