Handel Beats Ossoff in GA Special Election 

Republican Woman Beats Democratic Man in GA Special Election  Hey Democrats, how are your protests and whining working out for ya?  I will never get tired of seeing the Democrats react to something they lost. Last night Republican Karen Handel beat Democrat Jon Ossoff in a Georgia special election for a House seat. The Left... Continue Reading →

Trump is Ruining Kathy Griffin’s Life

Kathy Griffin: Trump is “trying to ruin my life.”  Who here ever thought Kathy Griffin was funny? No one? Can't say I'm shocked.  For those of you that haven’t heard this story, the unfunny comedienne Kathy Griffin had a photoshoot where she held up a bloody effigy of Trump’s head… Sound familiar? Yep, if you’re... Continue Reading →

Gorsuch & The Nuclear Option 

Are Democrats just trying to get even with Republicans for not allowing a confirmation hearing nominating Merrick Garland? All you safe-spacers are trying to “get even” because your precious Merrick Garland didn’t get nominated for SC Justice. Have Trump build a bridge and walk your sad sacked selves over it. Democratic house leaders reached a... Continue Reading →

Gorsuch Hearing-Why the Left Hates Gorsuch

Why does the Left loathe Neil Gorsuch? Today is the first day of the confirmation hearing for Neil Gorsuch, our next Supreme Court Justice. The Left could not hate this man more, which means he must be doing something correct. If the Left is weeping and gnashing their teeth, it’s usually because they simply disagree... Continue Reading →

Day Without A Woman

Today a bunch of boxed wine moms decided to protest!! Hooray, is anyone really shocked??  Thousands of women around the country simply didn’t show up to work today, in honor of “Day Without a Woman.”  Women complain about unequal pay and yet they decided to take a day without pay so they could stand in... Continue Reading →

Top Dems Don’t Stand for Widow

Top Dems Don’t Stand for Widow:It’s unfortunate that those on the Left can’t find it in their hearts to see past their hatred for Trump long enough to honor the Owens family. Last night at President Trump’s Joint Address, he honored fallen law enforcement officers, people slain by illegal immigrants, and in particular the President... Continue Reading →

Left Needs to Check Their Priorities 

Left Needs to Check Their Priorities:Kellyanne Conway on her knees in Oval Office vs. Elderly vet laying on the floor of a VA hospital.  The left is mad that Kellyanne had her feet on the couch in the Oval Office… I cannot believe this is even a topic of discussion. Hmm, I find that interesting,... Continue Reading →

Democracy Dies in Darkness

Hey, did you hear the new rock band Democracy Dies in Darkness? Oh, you didn’t? That’s because Democracy Dies in Darkness is the new slogan for the Washington Post. This new slogan is literally the most metal thing I have ever heard. This is simultaneously the greatest and stupidest slogan of all time. But I... Continue Reading →

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