Women’s March Against the NRA. 

Look! The Women’s March is back at it again. Here they go, targeting women whose political ideologies don’t align with theirs. You don’t have to be a feminist just because you’re a female. I repeat you don’t have to be a feminist. Lest we forget, one of the founders of the Women’s March is a... Continue Reading →

Did Dana Loesch Incite Violence in New NRA Ad? 

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch has triggered the anti-gun Left. Apparently Dana and the NRA incited violence with their “chilling” new ad. NEWS FLASH, she didn’t. This anti-gun rhetoric must stop. Dana discusses the terrible media, the indoctrination of students, and Hollywood repeatedly pushing false narratives. Dana mentions the violent riots, and the property that's destroyed.... Continue Reading →

Tennis Pro in Hot Water After Sexist Comment

Retired tennis pro John McEnroe, won’t apologize for saying Serena Williams would be ranked 700th if she was playing the men’s circuit. McEnroe is sexist according to some. Shocking, I know. Known for having tantrums on the court, McEnroe is definitely out there. His most famous on-court catchphrase being “you cannot be serious.” Clearly, people... Continue Reading →

Trump’s “Bizarre Moment”

Ohhhhhhhhh my Lord, guys (whoops didn’t mean to assume anyone’s gender), I am actually eye rolling into another dimension right now.  Trump complimented a female reporter by telling her she had a “nice smile” and now he is “creepy” and “condescending.” I mean, what’s new really, everything our President says the Left thinks that he... Continue Reading →

Handel Beats Ossoff in GA Special Election 

Republican Woman Beats Democratic Man in GA Special Election  Hey Democrats, how are your protests and whining working out for ya?  I will never get tired of seeing the Democrats react to something they lost. Last night Republican Karen Handel beat Democrat Jon Ossoff in a Georgia special election for a House seat. The Left... Continue Reading →

Trump is Ruining Kathy Griffin’s Life

Kathy Griffin: Trump is “trying to ruin my life.”  Who here ever thought Kathy Griffin was funny? No one? Can't say I'm shocked.  For those of you that haven’t heard this story, the unfunny comedienne Kathy Griffin had a photoshoot where she held up a bloody effigy of Trump’s head… Sound familiar? Yep, if you’re... Continue Reading →

Gorsuch & The Nuclear Option 

Are Democrats just trying to get even with Republicans for not allowing a confirmation hearing nominating Merrick Garland? All you safe-spacers are trying to “get even” because your precious Merrick Garland didn’t get nominated for SC Justice. Have Trump build a bridge and walk your sad sacked selves over it. Democratic house leaders reached a... Continue Reading →

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